Build your energy-efficient swimming pool with ENGIE

Building and running a swimming pool is a big investment for a local authority. However, it is possible to save on the operating costs thanks to a public-private partnership with Sportoase a joint-venture with ENGIE Cofely. Sportoase has just opened its 11th complex in Oudenaarde.

ENGIE Cofefly Sportoase Oudenaarde jbc sli
ENGIE Cofefly Sportoase Oudenaarde jbc sli
ENGIE Cofefly Sportoase Oudenaarde jbc sli

100! That’s the number of swimming pools in Belgium whose technical facilities are managed by ENGIE Cofely. Among those benefiting from this expertise is Sportoase, a company set up by ENGIE Cofely with the Van Roey Group in 2005, which specialises in building and running multi-purpose sports centres under public-private partnerships. It currently has 11 centres up and running, with another 5 under development.

Sustainable management through public-private partnerships

Why should local authorities consider public-private partnerships as a solution for their sports centres? “They are guaranteed substantial savings on energy bills and more sustainable management of their facility”, explains Stan de Pierpont, Managing Director of ENGIE Cofely. “As well as having full control of costs, they can also delegate the entire management of the pool from the time of its construction or renovation.”

How it works in practice is that the local authority guarantees the funding while Sportoase undertakes the construction. Van Roey looks after the civil engineering while ENGIE Cofely, in partnership with its sister companies, oversees the technical facilities (heating, electricity, water treatment, ventilation, access systems, etc.). The complex is then operated by Sportoase, from the technical management through to hiring lifeguards and even visitor communication. This arrangement lasts for 30 years.

Impressive savings

Sportoase facilities are operated with maximum efficiency in order to reduce energy consumption. “Our facilities use up to 30% less energy compared with a conventional swimming pool”, says Marc Van Isterdael, Managing Director of Sportoase and Business Development & Sales Manager at ENGIE Cofely. “Water recovery is key. Rainwater is used for flushing toilets, for example. Waste water is treated, which allows up to 70% to be recovered.”

Sportoase facilities are also very well insulated and equipped with LED lights, motion detectors, a solar water heater and cogeneration modules. The pumps, engines and fans have frequency regulators. A fully integrated building management system controls the consumption and operation of all equipment. There’s even the option of remote monitoring!

These cutting-edge technologies can naturally be found at Oudenaarde, where Sportoase has just opened its 11th centre. In addition, the roof supports 200 m² of photovoltaic panels, capable of generating 17,000 kilowatt-hours a year.

Synergy in action

This new Sportoase facility is also a fine example of how synergies and collaborations between ENGIE Group entities can work. As the main contractor, ENGIE Cofely is responsible for overall management of the project, the building management system and maintenance of the complex. Its sister company ENGIE Axima oversaw all the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and sanitary facilities, while ENGIE Fabricom handled the electrical engineering and Tractebel the technical facility engineering.

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