By your side on your train, tram and bus journeys

You probably didn’t know but when you take the train, tram or bus to get to work or for leisure purposes, ENGIE is there trying to make your journey easier. To mark Mobility Week, we tell you about how we are working on improving your public-transport experience.

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Modernising public transport, improving the relevant infrastructure, optimising networks, ensuring user comfort and safety and cutting greenhouse gas emissions are just some of the day-to-day mobility challenges facing all ENGIE’s service entities. When you go into a railway station or get on a bus or a tram, you probably don’t realise but ENGIE is there by your side.

Rail travel – on the right track

All aboard for Gent-Sint-Pieters station! In Ghent, Flanders’ biggest railway station is undergoing a complete makeover since 2010. As part of the work on the new train platforms, new station hall and integrated tram station, ENGIE Fabricom has been involved in installing electrical fittings, high-voltage cabins, lighting, the signalling facilities and the CCTV system and introducing the dynamic passenger information service, energy measures and the fire-detection system, and so on.

ENGIE Fabricom is also present at Bruxelles-Midi station in Brussels, where since September 1 it has been involved in developing the new secure area at platform 3 which will separate the domestic and international areas. Last year, it also rolled out catenaries to supply trains with power for one of Brussels’ main underground mobility projects, the Schuman-Josaphat railway tunnel.

The 25 turbines at the Greensky wind farm arising from a partnership between ENGIE Electrabel and three public partners supply 170 trains on the high-speed rail link between Leuven and Liège and the traditional lines between these two cities and between Landen and Hasselt with green electricity, reducing CO2 emissions by 26,000 tonnes a year.

Meanwhile, ENGIE Cofely, another ENGIE service entity, is taking care of the technical management (heating, ventilation, sustainable lighting…) of 28 SNCB/NMBS stations in Hainaut and Walloon Brabant.

Antwerp trams

For some time now, ENGIE Fabricom has been on board an Antwerp tram project. In 2016, it started work on replacing and modernising the substations supplying power for the pre-metro tram network – something which it will continue being involved in until 2020.

It is also playing a leading role in the major ‘Noorderlijn’ project to improve transport links between the north of Antwerp and the city centre, drawing on its multitechnical competencies to, for example, upgrade street lighting and traffic lights and install technical facilities for the new underground car park and the tunnel under Operaplein and fire-detection and extinguishing systems.

Buses right through to the depots

As part of Mobility Week, running from September 16 to 22, the Flemish public-transport operator De Lijn has opened a new depot in Sint-Niklaas providing capacity for 420 buses. ENGIE Cofely will be taking care of Integrated Facility Management, i.e. all the key services to ensure the smooth running of the depot (heating, HVAC, fire and burglar alarms, CCTV, garage facilities, car wash, service station, energy management…) and making life as easy as possible for the 500 people working there.

Cofely provides the same service to Leuven and Hasselt depots. These activities help to make sure you enjoy consistently high-quality bus travel.

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