Comeos and ENGIE take steps to reduce CO2 emissions by the retail sector

The Belgian Federation for Commerce and Services (Comeos) and ENGIE have signed a collaboration agreement to promote solar energy and energy-efficient solutions for companies in this sector, which alone represent a potential of 300 to 350 MWc of installed solar capacity.

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Press release

Inspired by the tools made available by the Brussels-Capital Region, the retail sector is deliberately embracing the energy transition and wishes to reduce its ecological footprint. It chose ENGIE as a partner to advise and guide it along this path. The main aim of this collaboration will be to promote solar energy among Comeos’s members and the most appropriate energy efficiency solutions for this sector.

Today, solar energy is one of the most promising technologies for meeting the challenges of the energy transition and the environmental objectives that Belgium has set itself. Advances in photovoltaic technology, its lower costs and generating potential are combining with future storage solutions to make this technology essential for reducing the sector’s carbon footprint.

The retail sector has major development potential for solar installations. With more than 2,800 shops covering a combined total area of more than 350 hectares, the maximum capacity that could be installed is 300 to 350 MWc, equivalent to the average consumption of some 85,000 households, reducing CO2 emissions by around 120,000 tons.

ENGIE and its Belgian subsidiaries offer a full range of solar products for individuals and companies. The subsidiaries ENGIE Sun4Business and ENGIE Fabricom Solar Technics offer installation and maintenance services for solar panels, with or without a third-party investor system.

The Brussels-Capital Region is also aware of solar energy’s potential to meet the environmental objectives it has set, aimed at cutting CO2 emissions by 30% by 2025 and doubling the generation of renewable energy by 2020.

“The generation of solar energy not only benefits our environment and conserves our climate, but also represents a real economic opportunity. I’m pleased to note that the retail sector, using the tools developed by the Region, is seizing the opportunity to make savings on its energy bill while reducing its ecological footprint”, explains Environment Minister Céline Fremault.

ENGIE Benelux CEO Philippe Van Troeye says: “The ENGIE Group has embarked on a serious transformation and aims to be the leading player in bringing about the energy transition. The partnership with Comeos is another example. ENGIE intends to play its full role as Belgium’s energy and services leader and would like to see the corporate sector benefit from the expertise of its 17,000 employees.”

According to Comeos CEO Dominique Michel, “For years now, retailers have been deeply committed to finding energy solutions. Now we are taking additional initiatives. The collaboration with ENGIE is a concrete example. Our shops have substantial roof space and are therefore particularly suitable for the installation of solar panels. For instance, were we to exploit this entire capacity in Brussels, we could generate electricity equivalent to the total consumption by all households in Watermael-Boitsfort.”

ENGIE press contacts:

Anne-Sophie HUGE (fr)
Tel.: +32 2 518 60 20

Geetha KEYAERT (nl)
Tel.: +32 2 518 65 04

Comeos press contact:

Tel.: +32 2 788 05 10

Brussels-Capital Region Ministry of the Environment press contact:

Kathrine JACOBS
Tel.: +32 2 508 79 17

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