Delta, a sustainable hospital using ENGIE’s cutting-edge technologies

Chirec called on the expertise of three ENGIE subsidiaries to help handle the technical, technological, climate and electrical requirements and challenges of the new Delta hospital in Auderghem.

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When it comes to health, there is no room for error. If hospitals want to guarantee patient comfort and top-quality care on increasingly tight budgets, nowadays they need to find the best sustainable solutions, particularly with regard to energy, one of the areas in which these establishments incur the biggest costs. ENGIE satisfies this need by offering innovative, lasting solutions. For proof, look no further than its work at the Chirec group’s new Delta hospital, which opened its doors in Brussels on January 27.

A huge challenge calls for a huge solution

Delta is a huge and ambitious healthcare project. Located on one of Brussels’ major intersections, it is home to the hospital activities of the Edith Cavell and Parc Léopold clinics. The eight-storey building covers a surface area of 100,000 m².

This ultra-modern hospital offers the latest medical technologies, such as medical imaging, nuclear medicine, dialysis and emergency services. With 34 theatres, it has one of the largest operating departments in Brussels. As well as being a place to recuperate, rest and reside, Delta is home to a crèche, canteen and several shops (e.g. optician, food, shops for women and children, snacks, newspapers).

ENGIE is supported by its subsidiaries, ENGIE Cofely, ENGIE Axima and ENGIE Fabricom, in meeting the needs of this colossus and rendering it energy efficient. Working together, they provide optimal solutions targeting several priority areas, namely safety, making available on a network all information needed by healthcare professionals, use of technical devices tailored to needs, comfort guaranteeing better patient care, and energy optimisation.

Increasingly sustainable and crucial innovations

ENGIE Cofely has installed a huge (190 m²) data centre at the heart of Delta’s facilities. This data centre is intended to govern all technologies, providing total control over energy as well as temperature, lighting, the IT network, patient monitoring and the operating theatres. Particular attention was paid to the latter aspects to ensure better patient care and well-being.

ENGIE Axima dealt with the air conditioning and heating, providing the hospital with a series of gas condensing boilers, heat pumps, high-efficiency refrigeration systems, free chilling systems, air treatment units and solar panels for domestic hot water.

Lastly, ENGIE Fabricom installed the electrical technical facilities. All systems (e.g. power supply and electrical circuits, cooling systems, access control systems) have been split up to prevent any defect from jeopardising the hospital. Constant monitoring means that technical teams can respond quickly when needed. The building also uses 100% LED lighting.

At Delta, ENGIE has again demonstrated its expertise in healthcare institutions. This project was both a technological feat and an excellent example of cooperation between ENGIE subsidiaries, a successful partnership ensuring the best for the hospital both now and in the future.

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