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We invite you to build the new energy sector of tomorrow, starting today, in a fulfilling and innovative work environment that fosters agility and creativity.

We have over 500 vacant positions at ENGIE Axima, ENGIE Cofely, ENGIE Electrabel and ENGIE Fabricom!

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Happy people work better.

Working at ENGIE means putting the focus of your professional life on usefulness and being an architect of major change. Meeting energy needs, ensuring energy supply security, optimising the use of resources, combating climate change…

At ENGIE we pay special attention to the fulfilment and wellbeing of our employees. We support personalised professional development throughout every career. And we do so with great care for the balance between professional and private life. At ENGIE, engineers, technicians, site managers and many other profiles will find an opportunity to apply for their own career trajectory.



“I get opportunities to build an interesting career.”

Rudy, 46
Work preparator at ENGIE Electrabel, Doel powerplant


What if the energy transition was your career accelerator?


“ENGIE allows me to have a work life balance. It helps me evolve in the company.”

Michaël, 31
Project Leader


Support Services

”What I like the most about working at ENGIE’s, it having the opportunity to work on tomorrow’s challenges, day after day.”

Stéphanie, 34
Content Manager at ENGIE Fabricom



Our employees are still athletes, parents, film fans, etc.



“ENGIE pushes us to get out of our comfort zone and take the new opportunities. Our customer appreciate this approach.”

Frederic, 29
Facility Manager

Research & development

“By participating in the development of the energies of tomorrow, I feel I’m in the right place, and I feel useful.”

Luc, 33
Project manager at ENGIE LAB


Marketing & Sales

“What’s next in my career? Giving a helping hand to the careers of young people.”

Henry, 59
Project manager at ENGIE Cofely


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