Wingie, the app that measures wind power generation in real time

What is the generation capacity of Belgium’s wind farms? How much wind power was generated today, or since the start of the year? ENGIE’s new app Wingie can answer those questions in real time!

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Did our wind turbines generate lots of energy on October 17? How many Belgian households did they power? What was the windiest month of 2017?

“Wingie, the app we launched on October 17, can answer all those questions. It also enables users to track wind power generation in real time and see what it means in terms of the megawatts generated or the number of households powered”, explains Cedric Holemans, Asset Manager at ENGIE Large Scale Renewables Belux.

Forecasts and comparisons

Anyone who downloads Wingie (available for iOS and Android in French, Dutch and English) can access a wealth of information about the wind power generated in Belgium at any time, day or night. “You can see if it is a windy day, check the wind speed and direction, and view annual generation forecasts”, adds Cedric Holemans.

As well as providing an overview of forecasts, Wingie allows users to look up past data on wind power generation and examine generation trends over the past 24 hours, the past month or the past year.

An insight into Belgium’s wind farms

Along with real-time information, Wingie offers an insight into ENGIE’s wind farms in Belgium. “It helps us to find out more about our wind turbines, province by province”, says Cedric Holemans. Given that ENGIE and its partners have over 140 wind turbines across 42 sites and an installed capacity of 300 MW, there is definitely a lot to learn from the app! The app will also feature information and news from ENGIE’s wind power blog.

An app for everyone

So who is this new app for? Everyone! Whether you are just curious or have a keen interest in renewable energy, the app has something for you – as well as for schools, local residents and ENGIE partners. “Before now, people had to look at a lot of different sources to get information about wind turbines and the energy they generated. We wanted to develop a tool that highlighted and demonstrated how much renewable energy had progressed and showcased its generation capacity”, notes Cedric Holemans. “In other words, a tool that showed what wind power meant, in real terms, for Belgian households. Our goal was to show that wind power is expanding in Belgium and at ENGIE. Wingie clearly illustrates our point.”

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