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    Get a financial advantage from your flexibility on the energy market

    Energy generated through renewable sources is less predictable than energy generated through traditional sources. Demand Response allows us to enable or disable a specific capacity for a company to maintain network stability.

    Our offer

    A solution for contributing to network stability

    Temporarily reducing or canceling the electricity consumption on-demand

    Automatic activation of the control system

    Remuneration for your flexibility

    • For companies that have cooling systems
    • For companies that have interruptible processes
    • For companies that have backup generators

    Looking for more information?

    You can always contact us with your specific questions. We will give you a solution tailored to the needs of your business.

    You can also complete a test to see if your company can get a financial advantage from its flexibility on the energy market.

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    Your benefits

    Contribute to the stability of the network

    By making your flexibility available, you contribute to maintaining the network stability and its security

    Contribute to sustainable energy production

    Demand Response allows you to contribute to the shift to sustainable energy production.

    A tailor-made solution adapted to your activity

    Independent from your industry sector, we will analyze your processes with you. Our offer will also take into account all your constraints.

    Decrease your energy bills

    You are compensated for the output you supply. As such, you contribute to the shift to a more sustainable energy supply.

    Valorize your flexibility in 4 steps

    Contact us

    Get in touch with us via our contact page.


    We determine with you how well your site can adapt its electricity consumption upon our demand.


    We make you an offer that enhances your flexibility.


    We set up the curtail activation solution.

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