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High energy prices.
How do you minimise the impact
on your energy invoice?

The prices for gas and electricity are very high in Belgium and Europe.

Why is that? And above all, what can you do as a company to minimise the impact on your energy invoice as best you can? This concrete step-by-step plan will help you on your way. Let us start by briefly explaining the context. 

Why are energy prices so high?

Last update: August 2022

Geopolitical tensions

The economic recovery in 2021 had already caused a significant increase in the energy demand.
The war in Ukraine is now also causing uncertainty about gas supplies. After all, Russia is one of the main suppliers of gas to the European Union. Since gas is also used for the production of electricity, this causes the price of both gas and electricity to rise.

Low nuclear availability

The availability of the French nuclear reactors has been limited for several months already due to technical problems. Additional checks and maintenance work affect the expected availability. 

The dry summer of 2022 in southern Europe will also reduce the availability of cooling water, resulting in a drop in electricity production.

High price of CO2 emission allowances

The EU wants to reduce CO2 emissions, which increases the demand for CO2 emission allowances and raises the price on the market. This price increase has a direct impact on the price of energy.

Moreover, because of the problems with the gas supply, more polluting technologies are being used.

These elements create uncertainty and tension in the energy markets
The result: a lot of speculation and unprecedentedly high price fluctuations.

 Minimise the impact on your energy invoice

we provide you with a concrete step-by-step plan 


Understand the energy market

Download our guide to the energy market and find out:

  • how exactly the electricity market works
  • how crucial factors determine market prices
  • how to optimise your energy purchases

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Follow the news

Closely monitor the energy market so you always make informed decisions when buying your energy. And at the right time.

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Monitor your energy consumption

Knowledge is power. Gain insight into your company’s energy consumption. Quickly detect deviations, such as excessive maximum power, and implement energy-saving measures in good time.

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Minimise your energy consumption

The cheapest energy is the energy you do not use. An energy audit is the perfect starting point. You will receive a report with concrete recommendations tailored to your company.

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Produce your own energy

Get more out of the sun and the wind. Increase your independence by producing your own green energy.
Better for your energy budget and the environment! 

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Do you have a question about the energy market? 

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