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    capacitor bank

    Reduce reactive energy consumption to a minimum and lower your energy bill

    Average payback in 3 years

    Reactive energy, in contrast to active energy, is totally redundant. This is why the network operator charges you a surcharge when you generate too much reactive energy. You can avoid these fines by installing a capacitor bank.

    Keep your reactive energy under control

    A solution to compensate for the reactive energy in electricity grids

    Increasing the Power Quality

    Better reliability of the electricity grid

    • For companies with a reactive energy surcharge of more than 1000 €/year

    Do you want to receive an offer?

    Contact us for a quotation tailored to the needs of your business.

    Your benefits

    Limit your reactive capacity

    You avoid surcharge fees by installing a capacitor bank.

    Avoid the surcharge on your internal electricity grid

    A high reactive consumption leads to unnecessary loads on the grids. So keep the reactive consumption under control.

    Sustainable energy consumption

    A capacitor bank allows you to conserve more active energy. This then allows you to make an important contribution to sustainable energy consumption.

    Independent advice

    You will receive independent advice on the necessary adaptations and the correct scaling thereof.

    Reduce your reactive consumption in 4 steps

    Contact us

    Contact us for an appointment

    Audit and inspection

    An expert will inspect your installation

    Report and quotation

    ENGIE puts together a proposal based on the technical needs of your company

    Execution of the proposal

    Capacitor banks are installed or the current capacitor bank is adapted/repaired

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