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    LED lighting of a company

    Objective advice on the energy efficiency of you lighting installations

    Payback in 3 years

    You can achieve considerable savings with efficient and tailored lighting. So it is very important that you receive good advice on standards, technological evolutions, comfort, etc. ENGIE is an expert in providing lighting advice to analyse and optimise your lighting installations.

    Our offer

    Analysis of the lighting needs of your company focused on savings and comfort for your staff

    Independent proposal for the optimisation, renovation or new installation if necessary

    If desired: preparation of technical specifications, review quotations etc.

    • For companies that have an old lighting installation
    • For companies wishing to reduce their energy bill
    • For companies wishing independent piece of advice
    • For companies that want to improve the lighting comfort for their employees
    • For companies that are considering a switch to LED lighting

    Looking for more information?

    You can always contact us with your specific questions.
    We will give you a solution tailored to the needs of your business.

    Your benefits

    50% less energy consumption

    A new installation consumes, on average, 50% less energy. Efficient lighting has an average payback period of 3 years.

    Objective advice

    Our experts are not committed to brands or types of lighting. The best guarantee for independent and objective advice.

    Improved comfort and safety

    Better lighting improves employee efficiency and reduces the risk of accidents. In addition, you are in line with the regulations.


    You decide for which steps you wish to receive assistance from our experts.

    An audit of your lighting in 4 steps

    Contact us

    After you contact us, our expert will visit your installation and make the necessary measurements.

    Analysis and evaluation

    We evaluate your lighting needs and analyse energy-saving options, feasibility and subsidy opportunities.


    You will receive a detailed report with an estimate of the installation costs.


    We prepare the technical specifications and assess the quotations.

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