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    representation of reactive energy through fluorescent lines

    Reactive energy audit: reduce your reactive consumption and achieve savings

    Average payback in 3 years

    Reactive energy is energy you do not use, but you do pay for. Therefore, you should do everything you can to avoid it as much as possible. The reactive energy audit reduces your reactive consumption to a minimum and avoids surcharges.

    Our offer

    A one-stop-shop to reduce reactive energy

    An audit as well as a specific action plan to tackle the situation

    Optional: installation of a capacitor bank or audit of existing bank systems

    • For companies with a reactive energy surcharge of more than 1000 €/year

    Looking for expert advice?

    Contact us for a consultation with one of our experts.

    Your benefits

    Clear view on how you can reduce the costs of reactive energy

    You will be charged a surcharge if the reactive consumption exceeds a certain threshold. Avoid this with the reactive energy audit service.

    Avoid taxes on your internal electricity grid

    A high reactive consumption leads to unnecessary loads on the grids. So keep reactive consumption under control.

    Long-term solution

    Our recommendation offers a customised long-term solution that takes your company’s development into account.

    Independent advice

    You will receive independent advice on the necessary changes and their correct dimensioning.

    Your audit in 4 steps

    Contact us

    Contact us to schedule an appointment.

    Audit and inspection

    An expert will come to inspect your installation.

    Report and quotation

    ENGIE formulates a proposal based on the technical needs of your company.

    Execution of the proposal

    If desired, we will install the capacitor banks or adapt/repair the current capacitor bank.

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