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    Electric cars charging at company parking

    Charging your company car at work

    Smart charging solutions at work save money and capacity

    At work, your electric cars will charge at the lowest cost per kWh. So give your employees the opportunity to charge their cars at work. ENGIE offers you a charging infrastructure that takes into account your available power capacity.

    Fast and affordable charging at work

    Most company cars are stationed on the company parking lot for most of the day. The ideal moment to recharge them. Our charging solutions guarantee flawless charging.

    Smart charging by intelligently managing power capacity

    Everyone arrives at 9 am, but most stay all day. Our smart charging points and software only use power when it's really necessary, giving priority to drivers who need to leave sooner.

    A flexible solution for both visitors and clients

    By offering charging services to both visitors and customers, you contribute to the new world of electric driving. You stay in charge of your charging points: you decide at which rate the charging points are used.

    The road to sustainable mobility in 4 steps

    Contact us

    Contact us and we will discuss the needs on your company site.

    Interview and audit on the spot

    We will visit you on site and discuss all possibilities with you.


    Based on our audit, we offer you a tailor-made quotation.


    Our technicians provide a prompt and flawless installation.

    If your employee already has a charging station, we offer you the possibility to take back the charger when we install the new one. Find out more on the conditions here.

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