Technician and engineer plan a connection

    Connection projects are the daily concern of our expert team

    500 connections per year

    You need a new connection or want to change an existing one? Would you like to boost the capacity of your installation? ENGIE provides advice and coordinates your connection projects for gas and electricity from A to Z.

    What we offer

    An analysis of your activities and the evolution of your consumption

    Assistance with connection based on our know-how of regulations, costs, execution time etc.

    Maintaining contact with the distribution network manager

    Coordination of the connection project, implementation phase included

    • For companies that require new connections or changes to existing ones
    • For companies with low- or high-voltage and/or low- or medium-pressure
    • For construction site(s)
    • For projects in various locations

    Looking for expert advice?

    Contact us for a consultation with one of our experts.

    Your benefits


    Our specialists know the technical regulations, costs etc. Thanks to their experience, you will save a lot of time.

    Total peace of mind

    You need to make decisions on issues you are confronted with only once in a while. Our experts ensure you can focus on the launch of your project.

    Financial transparency

    We take a critical look at all quotations and costs.

    Full coordination throughout the process

    We assist you in the development of the concept, the application process with the network operator, explanation of the offer and the timely execution.

    You connection project from start to finish in 3 steps

    Contact us

    After you contacted us, we will call you by phone to exchange the initial information and to set up an appointment.

    Our expert comes on site

    The expert assesses your project and discusses its feasibility and conditions with the network operator.


    We assist you throughout the entire process (development, request with the network operator, clarification of the offer).

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