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    The total price of electricity and natural gas is determined by three elements

    > The energy price

    The first amount indicated on your invoice is for your consumption of energy and services included in your contract.

    > The network rates

    These amounts are fixed by the authorised distribution grid operators and approved by the CREG (Commission Regulating Electricity and Gas). All energy suppliers apply the same rates but these vary from one grid operator to another.

    The transport and distribution costs for the electricity are mentioned separately on your invoice.
    The transport costs for natural gas are usually included in the energy price but the distribution costs are mentioned separately on the invoice.

    > Supplements

    The supplements are fixed by the public authorities. ENGIE Electrabel transparently passes on these costs to the customer. They are the same for all energy suppliers, except for the Federal Contribution, which depends on the "fuel mix" of each supplier and/or the chosen product.

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