How do I adjust my advance payments?

For supply points with annual meter readings, we issue monthly or quarterly advance payment invoices. These spread the cost of your energy bill over the entire year. For vacant buildings, the minimum amount charged is €15 per month for each type of energy (i.e. electricity and/or gas). The advance payments are calculated each year based on your expected consumption, the applicable energy price for electricity and/or natural gas, the applicable grid costs and surcharges.

We calculate the amount as accurately as possible and recommend that you only adjust this amount if your energy consumption changes. The actual cost of your energy consumption is settled once a year on your annual invoice, taking into account the advance payments made.


If you wish to adjust the amount of your advance payments, please contact us. To help us deal with your query as quickly and efficiently as possible, please ask your question online using the form for billing related questions. If you'd like us to advise you on the correct amount, please also tell us your current meter reading.

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