Power quality meter

    Power Quality: guaranteed
    energy quality

    There is nothing more frustrating than recurring power outages without apparent cause. Power Quality by ENGIE protects your company’s processes against power failures, reboots and expensive repairs.

    Secure the quality, reliability and efficiency of vital processes

    Neutral and independent measurements and checks

    Experts with in-depth knowledge of operational and regulatory requirements

    Maximum availability of your processes

    Solution-oriented advice

    • For companies that want to register the quality of their energy supply
    • For companies that want to monitor their energy supply
    • For companies that want correct specifications for a new installation
    • For companies that wish to monitor the sensitivity of existing processes

    Looking for more information?

    You can always contact us with your specific questions. We will give you a solution tailored to the needs of your business.

    Your benefits

    Higher profitability

    You are less likely to be confronted with costly power failures and production stops.


    Your installations immediately meet all the applicable standards.

    Long-term savings

    A Power Quality check leads to considerable recurrent savings.

    Optimal efficiency

    Optimal efficiency for your electric systems.

    Ensure the quality of your power in 4 steps

    Contact us

    Contact us and ENGIE will start to monitor your the energy supply and assess your production process.

    Immunisation study

    ENGIE performs an immunisation study identifying the causes of power quality problems.


    ENGIE proposes corrective measures, tailored to the sensitivity of your infrastructure.


    ENGIE assists you in the implementation of possible solutions.