High voltage cabine

    A full check-up of your high-voltage cabin

    More than 1,500 cabins inspected

    Your high-voltage cabin is the beating heart of your company. Not only is it mandatory to carry out an audit of your high-voltage cabin, it will give you a complete picture in terms of performance, safety, risks and measures to be taken.

    Our offer

    Full inspection of the reliability and safety of your high-voltage cabin by specialists (more than 150 check points)

    Assistance in preparing the mandatory risk assessment

    Recommendations for setting priorities and quotation(s) for execution

    • For companies prioritizing the safety and reliability of their HV-cabin
    • For companies owning a high-voltage cabin aged more than 15 years
    • For companies wanting to verify the compliance of their cabin

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    Contact us for a quotation tailored to the needs of your business.

    Your benefits

    Objective advice

    Well-substantiated audit of the condition of and risks related to your installation, and assistance in preparing the mandatory risk assessment.



    Safety and operational reliability

    A check-up guarantees safety and a constant energy supply.


    Clear reporting

    Overview of high-priority improvement measures presented in a clear report.


    Compliant with the legislation

    Doing this audit, will ensure you that you are compliant with the current legislation on electrical installations.


    An audit of your installation in 4 steps

    Contact us

    Contact us for an appointment.


    ENGIE arranges for the inspection to be carried out by an accredited inspection agency.

    Risk assessment

    ENGIE makes a tour of the installation and assists you with the preparation of the risk assessment.

    Action plan and guidance

    Elaboration of an action plan and follow-up during the execution by ENGIE Fabricom.

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